Author Edward Channon & The Books


Author Edward Channon known as E.A. Channon to his many fans around the world.  I have had the opportunity to get to know Edward, and wanted to share with everyone.  I always have a great time with him, and his wife Paulette when they come to Chicago for Events.  Edward had told me that he really enjoyed traveling to Poland, and would like to see more Polish Restaurants in Oregon near where he and Paulette spend most of their time. Edward likes to tour different countries. Edward is best known for his book series Flesh of the Blood which is a mix of Sci-Fi & Fantasy. This is a 6 book series with the 4th book coming out this September in which you can pre-order right now.  Edward had started writing his book series all at once, because he had so much fun seeing where the characters end up.  You will find that Edward writes differently than other writers.  Edward attends numerous Comic Con Events, and teaches with panel discussions on writing.  Edward especially likes to teach writers how to build characters. Edward always likes to listen to his fans, and get ideas from them.  Edward has developed art, maps, pins, t-shirts and soon will add Bumper Stickers and model ears, all from requests from his fans. Edward had shared with me that one of his fans could not stop reading his books on the beach for 3 days, and that his characters are the perfect buildup for film & TV and is hopefully to develop something in the near future.  Edward also writes Horror books and is working on a few other idea even a children’s book. Edward used to be in The Military, and helps Veterans with dogs and numerous other charity that assist veterans.  Edward is also a blessing volunteering for The Special Olympics.  You can now help Edward on his Kickstarter campaign to make audio books by going to  For more information about E.A. Channon, and the latest updates go to Facebook or


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