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With Me Being the actor and media personality Binge Watch Films is of big interest to me.  I wanted to share this hot filming group, because they are just too full of The Arts not to.  With pilots that are of a Modern Day Flair telling stories that come to life upon demand, you will be sure to want to see what is next with Binge Watch Films. They are carving a nitch out of TV production to level the Playing field for Indie Filmmakers.  Binge Watch Films has outlets that are becoming The Golden ones. Their audience is growing at a fast pace.  Their team is of the best With Melissa Kennedy & Steve Weiss whom is both major in The World of Filming. Melissa stems from CBS Radio & Weigel Broadcasting while Steve Weiss is of Zacuto Entertainment having earned many Emmys & more. They are creating more, and more content with episodes, because they have the ability to do so. They are currently in post production with Randos which was filmed here in Chicago. You can help contribute now to Binge Watch films by taking part in their Indiegogo Campaign.  To learn more about their upcoming projects please go to   & Then to contribute please go here

Randos is currently in post Production & was filmed here in Chicago.




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