Cinema Chicago CineYouth Festival The Netherlands Film Night With Joosje Duk


Night directed by Joosje Duk is a film of my choice at The CineYouth Festival.   With so much recognition Joosje Duk’s Film Night will surely be one of the hot seats of CineYouth.  Night will bring you a look into a mirror of Joosje’s Talent Presents.   Night is from The Neverlands. Joosje Duk is age 22 & is beginning to bloom as a recent NYU Graduate. Joosje Duk’s Film Night already has been in The Sarasota Film Festival 2017, The Nashville Film Festival 2017, The Independent Film Festival Boston 2017, The National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2017, & now The 2017 CineYouth Chicago International Film Festival for best Overall Film. You can see Joosje Duck’s Film Night for The World View on Saturday May 6th at 12 pm at The Music Box Theatre.


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