Models with Bottles happened at The Lollipop Lounge. Model & actress Kris Alferez Bucio whom has her modeling agency hosted a night out with Models, Actors, Djs, Musicians, Stylists, &Makeup Artists.  I covered this bottle popping extravaganza with our very own Chicago Vibes Photographer Adam.  The Actors proudly chatted up about how Chicago has some of the best agencies such as Gray Talent Group, BMG, Shirley Hamilton, Paskal & Rudnicke, O’Connor, & Claire Simon of some whom employ actors on Chicago P.D., & Empire.  Amongst The People of Looks was the very talented Paul Mitchell Team Socialites. The Patio at The Lollipop Lounge was all mingling with a nice flow of summertime drinks & dj music.  Lollipop Lounge is the place to be with a chill outdoor patio, and music vibes that exuberate a mix up of all sorts with the top djs. The servers are sweet, and will take good care of you all while being fun party girls.  The bartenders will cater to your VIP needs. The menu is well stocked up with champagne & drink specials. The Lollipop Lounge is located at 9823 Lawrence Ave. Schiller Park, IL 60176. For more information about Model Kris Alferez Bucio & her agency send a message to . More Photos  from Models With Bottles are available on The Chicago Vibe Photography Facebook Page.


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