Perry Romanowski Live On Stage At Face And Body Spa Conference Expo Midwest

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    Perry Romanowski was live on stage at The Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo Midwest. There Perry was speaking about the top skin care trends.  Perry spent the last 20 years as a cosmetic chemist researching, and developing products that solve consumer problems in personal care, and Cosmetic Industry.  Perry has written and edited numerous articles & books that teach continuing education classes for industry scientists.  Perry has been featured on Fox TV with The Dr. Oz Show. Here is what Perry told the audience about some skin care trends.   Korea Masks are hot right now.  One Korean Mask in particular is The Snail Slime Mask.  Some other trends are Natural ingredients, biotechnology, beauty within, luxury waters, anti-pollution, and technology like L’Oreal Makeup Genius.  Perry says that some of these trends have already been around some years ago and are just being formulated differently.  The most recent book Perry has written is  Cosmetic Chemistry 3rd Edition published by Allured. 


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