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Plantacja aronii zaprasza

August 4, 2015 11:07 pm by: Category: Chicago 4 Comments A+ / A-

aaupick2015-1The news is that our business changed a great deal once Chicago’s Poles sought us out. First of all, we’re now doing u-pick annually. Come see the Polish flag fly! It will be up Monday, August 10. Our farm will once again become a multicultural crossroads.

In addition, Coldbrook Farm has entered the international market .., outside of Poland, of course. Both of us studied abroad our junior year, John Pilcher in Barcelona and I in Bournemouth, England. We feel very, very fortunate to be developing an international flavor and customer base to our business in the Midwest. We’re joyful members of the Polish American Chamber of Commerce – Chicago; so we know the international dimension of our lives will continue.





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Komentarzy (4)

  • Obserwator z boczku

    A gdzie jest ta plantacja? Czy można prosić o adres? Z aronii można zrobić cuda: powidło, dżem, soki, a jakie nalewki! I i jakże jest zdrowa!

    • Coldbrook Farm

      We have frozen and dried sweetened berries now that harvest is over. Please email in English or call 708-227-2807. Thank you.

  • Obserwator z boczku

    Jeszcze raz prosze o podanie adresu plantacji (e-mail, telefon, instrukcję dojazdu). Dziekuje.

    • Obserwator, już zniecierpliwiony

      Ponawiam pytanie jak wyżej. Ja naprawdę lubię aronię!

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