Soon In Poland Tokyo Vampire Hotel Seen At The Chicago International Film Festival


Tokyo Vampire Hotel screened at The Chicago International Film Festival.  This film is a take in on Vampire History Stories from The Japanese perspective.  With Blood streaming action Horror and time eras being channeled this film will surely keep you wondering what will happen next.  The characters are ever changing to fantasy to realistic.  Tokyo Vampire Hotel was filmed in Transylvania, Romania so there is European Elements to this film.  Tokyo Vampire Hotel has a real gory splashed Femme Fatal Edge with Girls that go on a killing spree leading into relationships being destroyed all while encountering The Master Warriors.  The Film goes on to show being lost, and questions where to go to get to The Point of Mortal or Not Mortal all while having you follow who is playing along. Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a nostalgic thriller.  Tokyo Vampire Hotel will be screened in Poland in November 2017 at The Five Flavours Film Festival.


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